Structural Engineering

Foundations and structural surveys; advice for developers, optimising quantities and project supervision.

Building Services and Equipment

Finding the best solutions for your project when it comes to electricity, heating, plumbing, HVAC, security etc.

Energy Performance

Assessing the energy efficiency and environmental impact of a new build. Drawing up agreements for planning permission and monitoring the associated work.

Construction of a nursery for 36 children in Loverval

Our firm was responsible for project managing the construction of a new nursery.
Once completed, this nursery on rue des Brasseurs, will blend in perfectly to the natural surroundings of the park at Loverval’s Notre-Dame Institute.
The nursery will be dedicated to introducing children to the joys of nature.

Construction of the Saint Vincent assisted living apartment block in Soignies

Fally & Associés was selected to build a new block of 47 assisted living apartments for the Maison Marie Immaculée. The new building replaces a former manor house, which will be demolished, and will fit in to the space left between two other buildings. Fally & Associés was responsible for carrying out the structural engineering and building services and equipment studies (electricity, heating, ventilation and plumbing).

Construction of 14 bridges - Democratic Republic of the Congo

The engineering and design office, Fally & Associés, is responsible for building 13 bridges on the road between Kalemie and Niemba and a 136 metres long bridge across the Niemba River.